The NexusIPE™ Leadership Academy is designed to develop leadership skills for IPE leaders and teams to create a vision for IPE implementation aimed at outcomes that matter most to those served. The Academy provides key insights, education and training to empower health professions and practice leaders to align their goals to achieve sustainable and effective improvements in learning, organizational and health outcomes.

The NexusIPE™ Leadership Academy is built upon practical experience and a scholarly perspective that includes decades of experience working across community and academic partnerships, implementing large-scale interprofessional practice and education and practice transformation models, as well as continuing professional development.

We vision a future where health and education systems are optimally aligned to achieve the outcomes that matter most to the individuals, families, communities, and populations served.


The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education seeks to optimize health in our communities by aligning the education and health system outcomes that matter most to the individuals, families, communities and populations served.  Recognizing the importance of starting with a strong IPE program, the NexusIPE™ Leadership Academy focus begins with supporting IPE programs in moving beyond traditional models of pre-professional learning to partnerships between community systems, practice, health systems and higher education in order to accelerate a student’s readiness for practice in meaningful ways while adding value to the clinical setting and the patients served.

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