Continuing Professional Development

The road map to the future in health care is driven by individuals, families, and caregivers, leading out of the hospital into outpatient, community and home settings.  It’s ambitious, noble and challenging work that is pivotal to the future of health systems and health professions education. The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education is learning important lessons about how to redesign impactful interprofessional practice and education programs in ambulatory and community settings. Join us to learn the core concepts and skills that will support and accelerate your partnerships in a shared understanding and commitment to goals and learning and health outcomes.

A variety of experiences will be available to support your learning in context. Experiences include: 

  • Online Courses: Our online courses with coaching model combines dynamic expert content, meaningful program and partnership development resources, and a social learning environment to promote engagement and sharing. Each course includes lessons, case studies, and resources to promote active learning, and assessments and activities.
  • Self-Paced Modules: Self-paced modules are designed to provide focused learning on a specific Nexus tool or resource that has been developed to support interprofessional practice and education co-creation, design, implementation or evaluation. 
  • Virtual Workshops: Designed to maximize your learning experience, our virtual workshops provide an interactive experience that accelerates learning and supports impactful results. The Virtual format enables diverse audiences to participate and empowers a stronger focus on outcomes while archiving the content for learner reference. No travel time required! 
  • Learning Communities: Our learning communities are designed to facilitate learning in context, with a blend of developing and applying skills in a small cohort experience that cultivates collective creativity and an interdependence among its members toward a shared vision and purpose. Programs are designed with a focus on collaborative learning anchored in real-world situations, supplemented with structured time to advance an IPE opportunity in your own setting.
  • Coaching: Extend your learning with success coaching. Exclusively available to individuals that have attended NexusIPE™ Leadership Academy experiences, success coaching provides additional accountability and bridges the gap between what’s learned in the Academy and the on-the-ground work of implementing it. Success coaches have extensive experience in IPE and provide individualized support to help you follow through on what you’ve learned. 
  • Customized Programs: The National Center offers customized programs to support teams, organizations and partnerships in co-creating, designing, implementing and evaluating programs within their local context.  Please contact Jennifer Kertz,, Deputy Director, for more information.

2022 dates and registration will be released soon. Check back often.