NexusIPE™ Emerging Leaders Forum

A learning community for emerging leaders in IPE

This learning community is designed for emerging leaders in interprofessional practice and education to develop and apply advanced skills in their learning and care delivery environments. Emerging IPE leaders need to understand the principles of knowledge-based leadership to support practice and education (Nexus) team development across practice and education settings.

Participants will develop leadership skills by learning in context through small group discussions, affinity groups, personal coaching, and applied learning through an innovation project in your own environment over the course of the program.

What makes this program unique?

The Nexus. Our commitment is to support emerging leaders in understanding - and applying - key concepts and principles of the Nexus. IPE that impacts learning, organizational, and health outcomes is possible if emphasis is placed on designing programs for outcomes that matters most to people (individuals, families, communities and populations) served first, and then students and professionals in practice settings (Fraher & Brandt, 2019).

Nexus model

Program format

The program is designed with a focus on collaborative learning anchored in real-world situations, supplemented with structured time to advance an innovation project or opportunity in your own setting.  Personalized coaching will provide professional mentorship and support to advance project and professional goals.

To ensure a tailored experience, this learning community will be limited to 30 individuals.  Learning communities cultivate collective creativity and an interdependence among its members toward a shared vision and purpose. Because of the nature of learning communities, individuals are expected to participate in all aspects of the program.