Which Leadership Forum is Right For Me?

The following table is intended to support you in considering which program may be most appropriate for your leadership goals. 


Emerging Leaders Forum

Senior Leaders Forum

Current Career Stage

Relatively new in an interprofessional practice or education role; charged with supporting IPE efforts at a local (e.g. single clinical unit, practice site, course) level

Significant experience in interprofessional practice and education; charged with leading IPE efforts at a programmatic or system level (e.g. leader of a university/college-wide IPE program, responsible for multiple clinical units or practices, health system leadership role, social service agency leadership role, etc.)

Near-Term Professional Goals

Intended to expand expertise, strategies, and experience in developing and leading local IPE teams to achieve health and learning outcomes that matter locally

Intended to support current IPE leaders in expanding their scope and understanding at the Nexus of practice and education with a focus on outcomes and impact across practice and education

Leadership Learning Goals

Aimed at developing leadership skills to support participation on an IPE team or leading an IPE team with a focus on fundamentals of interprofessional practice, teamworking, and workplace learning Aimed at enhancing leadership knowledge, skills and strategies through deep discussions and system-level transformation of practice and education to achieve health and learning outcomes that matter at the system level.

Scope of Action Project; Sphere of Influence for Action Planning to Advance IPE

Primary focus on a “local” or “single site” IPE implementation, including cultivating a single Nexus partnership Primary focus on larger, system-wide programming implementation involving health system/clinical practice engagement with intended learning and health outcomes 
I work primarily in practice, with responsibility for clinical or practice teams and clinical outcomes Suited for a clinician or practitioner with local responsibility (e.g. at the level of one clinical unit or practice, one program within a social service agency, or one aspect of a larger clinical program) who is seeking new tools and expertise to support improved interprofessional collaborative practice locally to achieve local goals Suited for a clinical or practice leader with broader responsibility (e.g. at the level of a system, multiple practice sites, executive leadership of a social service agency, healthcare service line, employee well-being, continuing professional development, or patient/client experience) who is seeking new tools and strategies to achieve Quadruple Aim outcomes that achieve health, system, and learning goals for the organization, staff and people served
I work primarily in education, with responsibility for outcomes in an accredited education program(s) Suited for a health professions educator, social scientist, or education specialist with responsibility for one aspect of a larger IPE education initiative, one course, or one uniprofessional health education program such as an advanced clinical degree, residency or fellowship Suited for a health professions educator, social scientist, or education specialist with responsibility at a broader systems level, such as a leader of a university-wide IPE program, workforce education across a health system, or improving learning outcomes across a variety of health professions programs and/or locations