NexusIPE™ Emerging Leaders Forum - Schedule

The following preliminary schedule outlines program elements for the NexusIPE™ Emerging Leaders Forum in 2024.  A detailed schedule will be available soon. 

  • Virtual workshops are 2 hours and include a 75 minute learning session and 45 minute facilitated action project time
  • Affinity Group sessions are 60 minutes 
  • In-person workshop is 1.5 days plus travel time to Minneapolis, MN. 

Note: While program content is outlined below, there will be some flexibility for adaptations based upon the needs and interests of the NexusIPE™ Emerging Leaders Forum participants. 

Preliminary Schedule

All virtual workshops will be held from 1:00-3:00 pm Central Time




April 10-11, 2024

In-person Workshop

Building the Foundation for Aligning Practice and Education Within Your Local Context

May 21, 2024

Virtual Workshop #1

Personal Coaching

Interprofessional Leadership: Up, Down and Across

June 18, 2024

Virtual Workshop #2

Affinity Groups

Understanding the Critical Success Factors for IPE

July 16, 2024

Virtual Workshop #3

Workplace Learning: Practical Approaches to Situating Learning in Everyday Practice Settings

August 20, 2024

Virtual Workshop #4

Affinity Groups

Understanding the US Healthcare and Social System


September 2024

Nexus Summit

Nexus Summit 2024 including Session featuring NexusIPE™ Emerging Leaders Forum community

October 15, 2024

Virtual Workshop #5

Affinity Groups

Interprofessional Operations: Exploring Financial and Operational Models That Facilitate Collaboration In Support of Interprofessional Learning

November 19,  2024

Virtual workshop #6

Personal Coaching

Outcomes Matter: How to Design an Evaluation Strategy that Focused on Learning and Health Outcomes

December 17, 2024

Virtual Workshop #7

Sharing Lessons in Leadership: Reflections from IPE Innovation Projects and Affinity Groups